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How Fit Are You, Really?

fitasyouthink4 tests to measure strength, balance and flexiblity can help you set fitness goals

How much effort would it take for you to go from sitting on the floor to standing up? Determining how easily you could do it can help predict how long you’ll live, according to a study by Brazilian researchers.

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How to Declare Your Financial Independence

financialfreedomstepsTips from a man who did, plus apps and sites that can help you

With the 4th of July in the recent past, what better time to talk about a few ways that could help people in their 50s or 60s declare their financial independence within the next few years?

You may have noticed that the goal of “financial independence” and its close cousin “financial freedom” seem to be replacing the traditional goal of “retirement.”

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Fiftysomething Diet: What Alcohol Can You Drink While Dieting?

dietingdrinkchoicesModeration is the key, and you'll be surprised to hear which drinks pack many more calories than others

Is it safe to drink while dieting? Conventional wisdom suggests that spirits loosen inhibitions, causing many of us to overeat or make more indulgent food choices than usual. Yet the results of studies are mixed: Some suggest that drinking, or at least heavy drinking, can indeed lead to extra pounds, while others find a more tenuous link between alcohol consumption and weight gain.

If you know that drinking tends to lead you to overeat, it might be best to steer clear of alcohol altogether while you're trying to lose weight. But if you can usually drink in moderation without diving into bowls of chips or trays of tapas, the occasional glass of wine or beer shouldn't seriously hinder your efforts. Keeping your moderate social drinking routines might even help you more easily tolerate the more challenging lifestyle changes you're making with your diet.

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8 Iconic Things You Can Only Do in America

iconicthingssmlRediscover your patriotic streak this summer with an iconic American experience. Eat a Fenway Frank at a Boston Red Sox baseball game. Ride the historic 1927 wooden Cyclone roller coaster on Coney Island. Stand speechless at the edge of the Grand Canyon. These 10 nation-defining pastimes and places are nostalgic things you need to experience at least once in your lifetime.

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A Promising Glimpse at Washington’s Next Generation

jarrett urban alliancesmlHad the pleasure this week to meet with a small group of amazing young people at the Urban Alliance Foundation’s Washington branch. Urban Alliance is a program that provides high school seniors with a part-time job during the school year, full-time work experience in the summer, and wrap-around support throughout the year, including professional development, job training, financial literacy, mentorship, and post-high school planning services. Participants in the program receive real-world work experience – thanks largely to opportunities made available by the organization’s business partners and valuable contacts.

Valerie Jarrett meets with Urban Alliance students and alumni at their Washington, D.C. branch. From left to right: Brittney Mayo, Assima Raissa, David McIntosh-Peters, Akira Muse, Andre Williams.

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3 Secrets of Successful Midlife Reinvention

reinventingyourselfAuthor Mark S. Walton made these discoveries while interviewing some remarkable men and women

A half-dozen years ago — when I was in my mid-50s, with two successful careers under my belt — I set out to settle some questions that friends, colleagues, clients and I had begun to wrestle with:

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