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The 5 Exercises You Should Do Everyday

5exercisesBalance and mobility training can benefit us at any age, but it becomes more important as you reach and pass the age of 50.

Maintaining joint range of motion allows you to move naturally and helps to combat the postural problems that cause neck, back, shoulder and hip pain.

Far from only preventing stumbles and falls, balance training is extremely important for everyone because it makes us better at every physical thing we do. Having a keen sense of proprioception (the sense of where your body is in space) makes all movement more efficient. When combined with fluid joints that allow for a full range of motion, this puts you at your functional best.

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10 Things Over-Thinkers Are Tired Of Over-Thinking


overthinkersWhile writing this intro, I deleted the first paragraph approximately six times. My thoughts ranged from "Just get to the point already" to "That sentence makes no sense." Truthfully, I probably was getting to the point and my sentences most likely did make sense.

Hi, I'm a chronic over-thinker. Nice to meet you.

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What It's Really Like to Cook on a Food Stamp Budget


snapIn 2013, 49.1 million Americans lived in households struggling with hunger, a stark number which includes 15.8 million children and 4.8 million seniors. Food insecurity is a daily reality for about one in seven households. So why do we only seem to talk passionately about it when a celebrity is involved?

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Supreme Court Rejects Obamacare Lawsuit

obamacaredecisionThe latest and possibly the last serious effort to cripple Obamacare through the courts has failed.

For the second time in three years, the Supreme Court rejected a major lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act -- thereby preserving the largest expansion in health coverage since the creation of Medicare and Medicaid half a century ago.

The stakes of the case, King v. Burwell, were enormous. Had the plaintiffs prevailed, millions of people who depend upon the Affordable Care Act for insurance would have lost financial assistance from the federal government.

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3 Ways to Slash Vacation Costs



Land or by sea, these ideas make long trips more affordable

Vacations of any length can be expensive, especially the long trips we want to take as our work and caregiving responsibilities taper off. Yet, retirees and those approaching retirement can’t risk exhausting their savings to indulge their wanderlust.

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The Low-Risk Way to Start a Business in Retirement

retirementrevenueHow to bring in part-time income without tapping your savings

The pull of entrepreneurship for boomers looking for extra income in their Unretirement is its flexibility and the prospect of tailoring a venture to their desires. But many fear that starting a business in your 60s is too risky and that they’ll need to tap their retirement savings to do it.

To this, I have two responses: It doesn’t have to be risky and there’s no reason to touch your 401(k) or IRA for start-up capital (in fact, you absolutely shouldn’t).

Low-Cost Sideline Businesses

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