Tony Burrell

tonyppIt takes a special person to serve in law enforcement. Respecting the laws of the land, respecting the people you encounter in what are sometimes precarious situations. And, while it is often overlooked by a public that is dubious about the men and women in uniform, those men and women must also exhibit a level of concern and caring for that same dubious public that few jobs demand.

It’s a skill set only a select few possess and our August New Face, Tony Burrell, is blessed with an abundance of the necessities and the personality to do an often thankless job, yet keep on delivering service with commitment and a smile.

These traits, it seems, come naturally for Tony. Strong family ties have helped him stay focused as he has dealt with adversity in his career and his personal life. He is the president of the National Black State Troopers Association, a position and job that comes with its own set of interesting demands.

Personally, Tony lost his mom to colon cancer a year ago, steeling his resolve to do more to help others know more and do more to prevent cancer from disrupting their lives.

He understands that he sets the example for his family, so getting healthy has been a priority for Tony. But change didn’t occur overnight; Tony had a serious wake up call. A trip to the hospital on New Year’s Eve revealed that he had a bleeding ulcer and he knew he had to take control of his health. He has stopped smoking cigars, reduced his alcohol consumption and now drinks the good stuff: water and fruit juice.

Out of uniform Tony likes to fish, play golf and engaging in an exercise program consisting of weight lifting and walking, activities that are critical to the performance of his job, take up much of his free time.

In his quiet moments he thinks about his mom and her reluctance to go to the doctor with any regularity. He wonders, what if? What if she had the information he is aware of about health issues? Maybe she would have done things differently.

His homage to his mom is to do what is right and good and try his best to make others’ lives better.


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