Curtiss Harris

curtissppBusiness Development Expert

He’s a self-confessed gadfly, man-about-town. Conversation is his stock in trade. He’s been an advisor to countless entrepreneurs who have found the rigors of starting a new business to be a little more than they anticipated. Curt Harris has eased their entry into this brave new world, showing them the ropes and holding their hands through the inevitable pitfalls.

Being a tireless advocate isn’t easy work. It can take a toll on the body. Sometimes, one is moving so fast, making things happen for others that it’s easy to forget to take time out for yourself. When it comes to health, like business, Curt would be the first to advise you that you have to take time to listen to your own heart. He listened to his heart and his doctor and today he’s still here to tell us all about his experience.

It didn’t have to be that way. If he didn’t possess a keen ear, he wouldn’t have heard the advice of doctors who told him of not one, but two critical procedures that he would need to undergo in 1993. In March of that year, a quintuple bypass surgery was required to repair damaged arteries around his heart. That surgery was successful and since then he’s been a good steward of his heart health.

In July of that same year, he underwent prostate surgery. Today, that procedure is routine medicine, but in 1993, there were many concerns, not only about the surgical procedure, but about outcomes for the men who underwent them.

In business, Curt is seen as a pioneer by those who have known his work. He has taken on “the powers” over minority involvement in major projects in the city as far back as anyone can remember. That can be stressful work. In health, he exhibited that same pioneering spirit when challenged with surgical procedures that many with similar diagnosis have shied away from or flat out refused.

Faith played a major role in his ability to go through these challenging times. Curt’s faith is strong. He also credits his relationship with his doctors in getting through the two procedures successfully. Identifying the problems and getting the work done in a timely manner was critical.

In most cases, Curt is the advisor, providing clients with trusted insights to help them achieve success. When his wellbeing was on the table, Curt took the advice given him by the health professionals he trusted.

Curt, I’m sure, would second the notion that it’s imperative to listen to your advisor. But he would also say, it’s equally important for an advisor to listen to those who provide advice to them.


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