Akil Huntley-Cooper

Akil Huntley-Cooper is a marketing director for WorldVentures.akil

He serves as an inspiration to all he meets with his upbeat personality and drive. His main focus though is on children. Akil wants to be a positive influence on all children – especially his two boys. Seems fitting his favorite movie is Pursuit of Happyness, the biographical drama about Chris Gardner who overcame life’s adversities and found happiness for himself while paying back and paying forward.

You can tell by his arms that working out is important to Akil. He lifts weights, plays basketball and yes, he’s in a spinning class. How’s that for a diverse workout regimen?

Philosophy could be his next twist…Akil offers this advice for those looking to fulfill some life goals:


  • Get up early and get your workout in.
  • Use your workout as the anchor for the rest of your day
  • Find people who have what you want and model them

How can you go wrong with advice like that!