Ambrose WB

AmbroseppAssistant Director, Journey House


He’s a personal trainer, and believe me, for him, it’s personal. He takes this stuff seriously. Ambrose Wilson-Brown is quiet - cool, calm and collected; it’s the perfect persona for a young guy working daily with young people who need a calming agent in their lives.

Ambrose is the assistant director of programs at Journey House, a community based organization whose mission states in part, “…working with the community utilizing a self-help philosophy in order to increase education, reduce unemployment and crime, strengthen families and revitalize neighborhoods.”

Abrose epitomizes that philosophy. He’s tougher than you might think he is at first glance. His years of training and athletics have gotten him to this point. He knows what a strong family is and can do to impact the choices a young man makes. And he knows that in the absence of a strong home life, young people need guidance, discipline and a helping hand from people in their community to get it right.

That’s how Ambrose spends his day at Journey House, working with young people to get it right, knowing all the time that he will have to insist that they practice or “work out” what he preaches everyday, both physically and mentally.

Life is tough, but in Ambrose’s world being prepared for the battle is one of life’s pleasures. He loves reading…Egyptian history, which he studied in college, is one of his favorite subjects. Not surprising, sports and fitness books are high on his list of “must reads”. In addition, he’s into meditation, spending a lot of time on self reflection and managing his own stress. This “quiet time” probably helps after a day of intense work with the young people who visit Journey House. And while at 31, he still sees himself as a big kid, he knows he has to be grown up and strong for the real young people he engages with everyday.

He finds his inspiration in the young people he works with. He’s not looking for the easy way, but working with young people is great because he says, “they have fewer hang ups.” And that’s just fine with him.

His work will keep him cool, calm and collected for years to come.


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