Artie Turner

artieppStudent, Concordia University

Artie Turner epitomizes what we were searching for when we developed our New Faces of Brain Brawn & Body campaign. Artie’s enthusiasm is infectious and his desire to help others is just what is needed in this day and age when positive role models are hard to find.

We need examples of men being men, living lives that exemplify the good things we say are important to us. Like all of our New Faces, we appreciate Artie’s commitment to doing the right thing, despite what he says, with a smile, are his personal challenges with commitment.

Like a lot of men, Artie loves basketball and he has used the game as a barometer of sorts to determine his level of health. With life getting in the way, he stopped playing the game for a while as he completed his undergraduate studies at Concordia University. But a friend hinted that he was “getting a little chubby”, so he started to follow the bouncing ball once again. Vanity can be quite the motivator.

As a psychology major, Artie understands and appreciates the role the mind plays in one’s ability to achieve goals. His mantra is pretty straight forward – if one sees himself a certain way and wants to look that way, then, go for it. Sounds pretty simple, wouldn’t you say?

Whatever it takes to move you to a healthier place, just do it!

In addition to b-ball, Artie works out at the gym, eats the right things and today he has lost unwanted pounds and eliminated the excuses that counteracted his quest to live a healthy lifestyle.