Darryll Fortune

darryl350Public Relations Consultant

Darryll says that bringing a vision or an idea to life is what inspires him. He does it for his clients who are fortunate to have this creative genius on their team. What doesn’t escape Darryll is the importance of being healthy and fit so that one can work on his dreams while making others’ come true.

That’s the life of Darryll Fortune, who along with his wife started a fantastic business, with an unforgettable name,, an
e-business that sells flavored nuts. That business is doing well, complementing his public relations practice.

It’s good to know that, for the most part, Darryll has been a healthy guy. No real health issues, but he isn’t blind to the fact that at any moment, without much warning that can change. He recently lost his brother, a sad episode in his life that has strengthened his resolve to do even more to remain healthy.

At 52, Darryll works out regularly. His regimen includes what he calls, a “funky workout”…a quarter-mile jog, squats with weights, pushups, anything he can do to “get his heartrate up and break a sweat.”

Every so often he gets a little pain in his back, not a sign, he says of too much exercise, but instead, a hint that maybe he’s eating a little too much. So he pulls back from the table and fasts for a few days and voila, the back feels better.

And while Darryll has never been admitted to a hospital, he does see his doctor every six months and recommends that all men do the same. We second his recommendation.

He says he’s not a health nut; he does it for his family - his wife and two daughters.

Darryll offers this simple advice that could lead to better health: “Listen to your body.”