Dennis McMurray

goldsmlAfter several months of intensifying stiffness in my shoulder in early 2011, I went to see an orthopedic doctor who diagnosed me with Adhesive Capsulitis or “frozen shoulder” as well as a torn ligament. He determined that surgery would be necessary. About a month later I had surgery to repair the damage. After my surgery, I began to experience stinging and an involuntary trembling in my hand and fingers. Sadly those symptoms were ignored by my doctor and after weeks of therapy, my therapist told me that my shoulder was still “frozen”. Although my doctor seemed to think I was healed, I decided to get a second opinion as my therapist had suggested.

The next doctor provided information, additional screenings and much more insight into my condition. I underwent a second surgery and despite a massive amount of scar tissue, he was able to restore some of my range of motion. I still suffer from nerve damage but, now that my arm has been treated properly, I can manage. Sadly, now my other shoulder is experiencing the same stiffness but my new doctor feels like it will heal without surgery…and guess what? My left shoulder is getting better. Lesson learned, “When in doubt get a second opinion”. Now I understand that my first surgery may not have been needed at all.

Learn about your pain and treatment options so that you can make an informed decision. You only get one body in this world so take good care of it.

Dennis McMurray is the Master Photographer at D Littleton Image Photography and is capturing the images of all of our New Faces.


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