George Hinton

georgeProfile2CEO, Social Development Commission


Tackling tough jobs seems to be George Hinton’s thing. After thirteen years in healthcare, four as president at Aurora Sinai Hospital in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, George has moved on to another challenging role as the CEO of Milwaukee’s Social Development Commission, the largest anti-poverty agency in the state.

The pressure to achieve positive outcomes in healthcare or in the never ending struggle to eliminate poverty is enormous, but most agree, George is the right man for either job. The obstacles before him are many and the resources are limited. Despite the rhetoric emanating out of places like Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, or the Wisconsin state capital in Madison, few have shown a real commitment to changing the trajectory of life for those who live at or below the poverty line.

Whether we’re talking disparities in healthcare or the brutality of poverty, George Hinton is a constant champion for those others have left behind.

He has taken his expertise in healthcare to his new post at SDC, convening a task force to examine the correlation between poverty and health. Data show that there is a direct correlation between one’s economic standing and his or her health. George sees it as SDC’s responsibility to address the health needs of the impoverished because he knows that others will do as they have done – walk on by without the thought that someone is in need.

George’s empathy comes naturally. He has endured his own health issues, as well as those of family members. As a former “inside man” who knows the difficulties that John Q. Public faces when encountering the healthcare establishment, George has committed himself to educating his community about access and assertiveness. He knows that one will need them both if they are to successfully navigate the system and receive the care they’ll need to survive serious illness.