George Koonce


georgestandingppsmlPhD; Ex-Pro Footballer

After ten years of professional football, not to mention all of the years invested learning the game to ready him for sport’s biggest stage, George Koonce has settled into a new career that may prove to be just as rewarding as his years on the gridiron.

The rewards of a professional football career have been many for a guy who grew up in modest, yet happy surroundings. A Super Bowl Champion who played on a team with some of the greatest names the sport has produced, George’s most impressive moments may be those he spent off the field in classrooms on college campuses he attended. After completing undergraduate studies at East Carolina University where he is a proud member of that school’s Hall of Fame, George continued on the path to higher education. A Master’s degree and a PhD capped a journey to where he now sits proudly, at Marian University in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin serving as Vice President of Advancement.

At the core, George recognizes that the education he received is the key to his success. He studied the playbooks hard when he played the game and he took his studies just as seriously as he climbed the academic ladder.

Neither of these endeavors came easy. But George has never been shy about hard work. His mother instilled the necessity to work and educate himself from the start. She worked to make it possible for George to live a life that he and family members could be proud of. A life of service to others and one where he continues to encourage those he meets to be all they can be.

As one of Brain Brawn & Body’s New Faces, George Koonce exemplifies what it means to be one of those chosen to represent sound mind, body and soul.


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