Jarett Fields

jarrettppEducation Policy Analyst, Anikas Strategies


I guess you could call him “The Running Man”. Fitting, because our New Face, Jarrett Fields runs and runs and runs…5Ks, lonely marathons; with his wife; with his kids as they ride alongside on their bikes.

Running hasn’t always been Jarrett’s thing, but now that he is in the groove there’s no turning back. Jarrett is looking two years down the road when he will have the chance to visit one of his favorite places, Rio De Janiero, Brazil, to witness first-hand the 2016 Summer Olympics.

A few years ago it’s safe to say that none of this was on his mind. In 2008, Jarrett was diagnosed with high blood pressure. It seemed odd to him; he wasn’t feeling it and he was active, playing basketball regularly. But that’s why high blood pressure is known as the “silent killer”. The warning signs can be nonexistent in some people.

In 2012, his fortunes would change as he met his wife, a Jamaican who preferred natural remedies to prescription medicines. She changes his diet, gets him eating more veggies and puts him on the path to becoming a runner...a serious runner.

He recalls the rush he got from running as being, “transformational”.

Today his blood pressure is good. He likes the foods he eats, all the veggies and stuff. He’s setting a healthy pace for his young family.

And all this running has been good for his psyche…it’s taken him to some pretty nice places…Las Vegas for the Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon in 2013 and right here in his hometown Milwaukee for the Brewer Mini Marathon. And then there was the sheer madness of the Ragnar Relay Series where Jarrett, who was team captain along with his teammates, trekked some 200 miles from Madison, Wisconsin to Chicago, Illinois.

All of these races, but the Ragnar in particular, have done wonders for his confidence in every walk of his life. It’s reaffirmed his belief that he is a leader and a doer.

Running has provided Jarrett the benefits of being fit and he passes that knowledge on to others as he breezes by on the road.



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