Jarvis West

westcrossedarmssmlThere is nothing like a couple, a husband and wife who work together, play together and share dreams, not only of their own success and happiness, but that of the people they share a community with.

This amazing couple would be Jarvis and Crystal West. If there is a health fair or a resource fair or work to be done in their city, the first folks raising a hand to say, “Count us in” are these two.

These Personal Profiles are supposed to be about one guy who makes things happen in health care, but it’s difficult to tell Jarvis’ story without including his partner and advocate, Crystal.

Jarvis’ story is a study in getting it done. He works for the Black Health Coalition of Wisconsin, guiding the public through the intricacies of the Affordable Care Act. He spends a considerable amount of time on another mission – Mission of Christ Lutheran working with the Prison Aftercare Network where he assists those recently released from incarceration with resume writing, job searches and most importantly, their spiritual grounding.

The work doesn’t stop there. Jarvis is an outreach specialist for an organization that tries to help people to kick the smoking habit and for those who haven’t started, never get into the habit.

“It’s all God’s work” says Jarvis and he’s privileged to do it. Sure, bridging the disparity gap and equalizing the quality of healthcare meted out to the Black community is a tough task, but Jarvis and Crystal are more than willing and capable of doing it.


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