Kwabena Antoine Nixon

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There is a rhythm to life; a flow. And this brother has caught the wave and he is riding it to its sweet end. Kwabena Antoine Nixon or “Kwa” and his partner in rhyme, Muhibb Dyer are two peas in a pod. You rarely see one without the other. They love the same things…people and what makes them tick. And people love them and the work they do.

Kwabena views the world from an interesting place and God has given him a gift – he is able to transform what he sees into words; words so clear and profound that those who hear him present his spoken word treasures are mesmerized…captivated…motivated.

It’s the motivation that might be most important to Kwabena. For with this motivation others are moved to do in a community that can use more doers than talkers. Sure, he talks, but his brand of conversation is a take on life that compels others to take life on, and make more of it than they realized they could.

In Kwabena’s world, the underdog is king. The person, he says, who has been counted out; who would never make it, but somehow manages to move on up, maybe make it to the top, or at least to where he can see a new day. His words help people get to that better place.

Still a young man, Kwabena sees how other men his age might take good health for granted. But he would suggest that the laissez-faire attitude not be an excuse to be lazy, but instead recognize that maintaining good health is what you do because you want to, not because you have to. He is adamant about young people living healthy lives so that they may be granted long lives. And he sees good health as an art form and an expression of appreciation for the life we are given, not something that is forced upon you as a means of treating some type of post traumatic stress, which is the result that brings many Black men to healthier lifestyles.

Every time he opens his mouth transformative words come out; that’s no mistake. He hopes lives are changed for the better.

Kwabena, an accomplished author, has another masterpiece that will soon hit the bookstore shelves. The title, Sensitive War Songs for Black Boys, will be out in June.


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