Richard Lewis

richard350Manager Concours Mercedes Benz

I’ve always been fascinated by Richard. Since I heard his story almost 10 years ago,
I have quietly revered him for his courage. Despite serious renal or kidney issues, he goes about life with gusto and purpose. He and his wife love to travel and he appreciates the time he gets to spend with his three children.

Richard is a tenacious competitor on the golf course (maybe his favorite place) and most importantly, in his battle with kidney disease. Very little doubt he’ll continue to win. We certainly will continue to pray for him.

Richard has vowed to work to help others affected by kidney disease. He received the ultimate gift of life from his sister 10 years ago when he needed a kidney transplant.
He urges everyone he meets to consider organ donation; it can and does save lives. Richard recognizes that African Americans are more adversely affected by a lack of donors than most other races of people. Heredity may be the cause of our high rate
of disease, but lifestyle also contributes greatly to our poor health.

An important item that Richard has learned and readily shares with others is that hypertension can bring about kidney disease and many other ailments. Getting diagnosed and once diagnosed, taking the prescribed medications is the best way to get the disease under control.

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