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February 20, 2014 - Hip-Hip Hooray! Brain Brawn & Body is Celebrating a Birthday!

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Hip-Hip Hooray! Brain Brawn & Body is Celebrating a Birthday!

Milwaukee, WI (February 20, 2014)…Men’s health and wellness website Brain Brawn & Body ( turns one year old Friday, February 21. The anniversary celebration will be commemorated during a gala event at the Zilber School of Public Health, 1240 N 10th Street, Milwaukee, WI at 5:00 pm on Thursday, February 27.

Joining in the celebration will be Mayor Tom Barrett, city health commissioner Bevan Baker; Theresa Jones, Wheaton Franciscan Health Care VP Diversity and Inclusion Strategies and Michelle Hinton, Senior Director Community Engagement, the American Cancer Society. Magda Peck, Dean of the Zilber School of Public Health will welcome the crowd.

The website has been lauded by health professionals and everyday people alike. Founders, Faithe Colas and Eric Von say Brain Brawn & Body fills a critical void in the health care arena and speaks to an audience that is largely overlooked in the health care conversation.

Eric Von, publisher of Brain Brawn & Body says, “Closing the gap on health disparities and answering the critical questions African American men have about their health and the health of their families were major objectives of Brain Brawn & Body when it was conceived. I am so proud of what we have accomplished to date. We thank our many subscribers, site visitors and our wonderful sponsors for the tremendous support and insight each has given us.”

In addition to the wealth of health and wellness information the website provides, the site also presents financial and life style information to aid readers in a holistic way.

“African American men are faced with immeasurable challenges everyday. Living the healthiest lifestyle possible is one of those challenges. Brain Brawn & Body provides men with the tools they need to help them and the ones they love live healthier, more productive lives thereby reducing the stressors that complicate life. We are happy to be a part of the reshaping of America around health, wellness and financial wellbeing”, said Faithe Colas, Director of Sales and Marketing.

With the new year comes an exciting new feature presented by Brain Brawn & Body. During the anniversary celebration, the website will introduce the New Faces of Brain Brawn & Body. Twenty-four men will adorn the website’s homepage over the next year replacing what had been stock photos.

Visitors will not only see the new faces, they will have the opportunity to meet these interesting men by clicking on the website’s Personal Profiles page where the men’s stories will be told.

Creative Director, Cindy Wendland says, “The New Faces feature is exciting and gives us an opportunity to present real people with really interesting stories – some have overcome major health challenges, while others have been champions in the fight to end health disparity and fill the health information vacuum.”

Another exciting development that will be announced during the anniversary celebration is a custom designed mobile app created by the App Brewery of the University of Milwaukee. The app will monitor vital health areas such as blood pressure and user’s weight.

The event is free and open to the public. Interviews opportunities are available before and after.