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Migraine Headache: I Don’t Know the Pain

I don’t suffer from migraines, but my wife does. Watching her twist and writhe in pain is debilitating for me. I feel her pain…kind of. Thankfully, it’s from afar. I know I couldn’t handle ...

Loneliness and Race in the Twilight Years


The quality of life for the elderly varies by race, and a new report from the Council on Contemporary Families sheds light on how loneliness affects seniors.

The report, by the nonprofit, non-partisan group based at University of Miami, found that elderly women are more likely to live alone and face higher poverty rates than men. But poverty is even higher for black and Hispanic women. Elderly black women are more likely to be widows because black men don’t live as long as white men. The average white man lives seven years longer than the average black man.

Older white men are better off financially than any other elderly group, but suicide is most prevalent for the widowed among them, according to the report. The suicide rate for white men over 80 is six times the overall average in the U.S., and three times the rate for black men of the same age.

Blacks and Latinos have a tougher time financially during retirement than whites for a number of reasons. For instance, poverty is more prevalent among elderly people of color, who are less likely to have workplace retirement plans than whites.

The elderly population in D.C. is majority black, but whites 75 and older in the city are more likely to live alone, according to census estimates:



Some other take-aways from the report: women over 60 who live alone are happier than married women of the same age, and older, solitary men have more trouble maintaining social networks than women living alone.

By Elahe Izadi

Why Cook With Cannabis?

Recipes for those in places where this nouveau cuisine might be helpful (Editor’s note: Pot became a symbol of the 1960s and 1970s. When you smoked it, you were saying: I’m not The Man. You could wear its leafy symbol on a T-shirt, imbibe it from a bong or bake it into brownies. Now, decades ...

Why Older People Should Take Up the Search for Meaning

Exploring aging as a spiritual pilgrimage Looking at aging as a spiritual journey opens a window to positives — to thinking in a new way about wisdom, joy and wonder throughout the lifespan. Recently, the Sixth International Conference on Aging and Spirituality took place in Los Angeles. Its ...

Health Affairs Disparities Study

The real truth about the Affordable Care Act Since racial and ethnic minorities make up a disproportionate share of US residents without health insurance, expanded coverage under the Affordable Care ...

Starting a Business After 50: Finding the Idea

Here are common categories and ways to locate opportunities When I asked the 44,000 members of the Sixty and Me community what was preventing them from starting a business, by far the most common ...

Rhythmic Skills Have Implications for Language Ability

Rhythm memory, beat tapping may be separate skills Tapping to a beat and remembering rhythms may not be related skills, which may also have implications for language ability, according to a study ...

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