About Brain Brawn & Body

Brain Brawn & Body is a unique website dedicated to the health and wellness of African American men. Along with its annual publication the mission of advancing men's health will be accomplished.

In addition, our goals are to:

  1. provide sound health and medical information and proper guidance to a population that might not, otherwise, receive this information and is often overlooked
  2. help African American males become healthy and well informed;
  3. address the issue of health disparities experienced by African Americans

Blacks bear a disproportionate burden of disease, injury, disability and death. Brain Brawn & Body will help eliminate the disparities through a careful examination of the issues and sound reporting of the facts and will help get African American men more involved in their health.

Through an extensive, multifaceted marketing campaign Brain Brawn & Body will be exposed to a potential subscriber base of 500,000 in the first year, growing to more than 1 million by 2014. In addition to the website and annual publication, BB&B will produce news feeds and newsletters. Site visitors will have the opportunity to sign up for regularly scheduled newsletters on health related topics such as diabetes, cancer care and prevention and cardiac care.

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About the Publishers

faitheeric2With more than four decades of combined media experience, publishers Eric Von and Faithe Colas embark on this new phase of their distinguished careers with great enthusiasm.

Brain Brawn & Body is born out of the duo’s passion for the dissemination of vital information and the realization that there is a need for more culturally sensitive sources. Both see the website’s focus on health and wellness, awareness and prevention as imperative in light of the serious health concerns that face African American men. These are the driving forces behind Brain Brawn & Body.

Von has enjoyed 18 years as the host and producer of one of Milwaukee’s most popular talk radio shows. His guests over the years have included national and local political figures, experts in a variety of fields, celebrities and everyday people. Education and enlightenment are the cornerstones of his show.

As the publisher of one of the nation’s oldest Black newspapers, Colas ensured that critical information, essential to the needs of Milwaukee’s Black population was at their fingertips.

While holding down their duties in radio and print media, respectively, Von and Colas excelled in the challenging multi-media world.
In addition to his radio duties, Von was a guest panelist on a public affairs television show on Milwaukee Public Television for seven years. He co-hosted another cultural affairs show on the same network. Von was also a special assignment reporter for the ABC affiliate in Milwaukee, and he wrote a bi-weekly column for the city’s alternative newspaper.

Colas was equally active managing the newspaper’s sales function while at times reporting, editing and copywriting. Colas has television experience too; she was the host of Black Nouveau, a cultural affairs show that focused on issues of interest to African Americans. Her day job keeps her extremely busy, but it’s a job she loves – she’s the Community Relations Director for the Salvation Army of Greater Milwaukee.

This dynamic duo has worked successfully with public and private entities providing assistance and guidance in the development and delivery of their messages often on critical and sensitive issues.

Together, they bring you Brain Brawn & Body, a website dedicated to advancing the health of African American men. Subscribe today!

Advisory Board

Ron Childs
Omen Communications

Frank Cumberbatch
Trinidad Group LLC

Curtiss E. Harris, President
Business Partners Network, LLC

George Hinton
The Hinton Group

Dr. Pat McManus
Black Health Coalition of Wisconsin
Florida Smith Perry
Premiere Fashion Network
Wallace White

Jon Anne Willow
Communication Strategist
Milwaukee Social Media