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Fast Facts

Want to know some “super foods” that are not only good for you, but are also good to eat? You may be surprised at the nutritional value they offer and the savings you can realize at the cash register.


Black Beans

Mild, tender black beans are packed with nutrients including folate, antioxidants, and magnesium, along with fiber, which helps control both cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
Tip: Canned black beans are easy to add to soups and salads. Rinse to remove extra sodium.


Tuna is another good source of omega-3s, and it generally costs less than salmon. Albacore (white tuna) has more omega-3s than other tuna varieties. Reel in these other sources of omega-3s, too: mackerel, herring, lake trout, sardines, and anchovies.
Tips: Grill tuna steak with dill and lemon. Choose tuna packed in water, not oil.


These green soybeans have moved beyond Japanese restaurants, where they're a tasty appetizer. They're packed with soy protein, which can help lower blood triglyceride levels. A half cup of edamame also has 9 grams of cholesterol-lowering fiber -- equal to four slices of whole wheat bread.
Tip: Try frozen edamame. Boil and serve warm in the pod.

Sweet Potatoes

Swap out white potatoes for sweet potatoes. With a low glycemic index, these spuds won't cause a quick spike in blood sugar. They also have fiber, vitamin A, and lycopene.
Tip: Boost their natural sweetness with cinnamon and lime juice, rather than sugary toppings.


These sweet, crunchy veggies may help control blood sugar levels and make diabetes less likely. They may also help your cholesterol levels, since they're a source of soluble fiber -- the kind of fiber also found in oats.
Tip: Add shredded carrots to spaghetti sauce and muffin batter.


Oats in all forms can help your heart by lowering LDL, the "bad" cholesterol. A warm bowl of oatmeal fills you up for hours, fights snack attacks, and helps keep blood sugar levels stable over time -- very useful for people with diabetes.
Tips: Trade oats for one-third of the flour in pancakes, muffins, and baked goods. Use oats instead of bread crumbs in cooking.


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