Advertorial - Connecting Workers to Jobs

It has been said that in the Greater Milwaukee region, jobs and workers are often disconnected based on location. Is this a self‐fulfilling prophecy or a problem waiting for a solution?

We believe it is solvable in part by breaking down the barrier caused by a lack of public transportation. From our perspective, transit and jobs go together. Just like people stranded on an island who could be saved by a ship they see on the horizon, many workers in Milwaukee see their ship of opportunity just beyond the county's borders. Until recently, for those who do not drive, there was no reliable way to get them to opportunities just beyond their reach.

Our organizations, the Milwaukee Inner city Congregations Allied for Hope and the Black Health Coalition of Wisconsin, have long recognized this disparity.

Accordingly, we sued the state of Wisconsin, which spends hundreds of millions of dollars on freeway improvements, to spend a small fraction of that on improving access to jobs through new transit routes. While we prevailed in the lawsuit, the task of creating that access is just beginning.

In conjunction with the Milwaukee County Transit System, funds from the suit settlement were channeled into initiating three new express routes to previously unserved industrial parks in New Berlin, Menomonee Falls and Germantown. More recently, we have embarked on an extensive marketing effort to make employers and job seekers aware of these new connections. Our efforts are resoundingly supported by County Executive Chris Abele and Supervisor Michael Mayo, the County Board’s Transportation Committee Chair.

Both MICAH and the BHCW are committed to making these routes successful by working with MCTS. Together we’ll modify the routes, make schedule changes or add bus stops to better connect employers and workers. To find out more, go to

When more jobs are filled and more people are fulfilled through meaningful work, we all benefit.

Patricia McManus
President and CEO, BHCW
Rev. Willie Brisco
President, MICAH