Who Wouldn’t Want To Go To A Place Called Happy Island?



Peace out, Disneyland -- this is the new happiest place on Earth.

About 10 years ago, a kindly man named Janti built up this island from discarded conch shells that were piling up just off Union Island in the Grenadines. He plopped a bar, some solar panels and a few palm trees on the spot and named it Happy Island -- it's now pretty much the happiest little isle in the whole Caribbean.


You can take your dinghy right up to Happy Island (though you have to call Janti ahead of time to let him know).

When you arrive, Janti will mix you drinks, regale you with music or even grill you fresh lobster. From the looks of things, he's the life of the Happy Island party -- just check him out in his spectacular DJ hat.

After a couple rum punches and a killer Caribbean sunset, you can dive right off the side of Janti's island into the crystal-blue Caribbean water, swimming into the yonder SO much happier than you were before.


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