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Some People Really Just Don't Like Music

dontlikemusicOften it is said that music is a universal language. However, a new report in the Cell Press journal Current Biology finds that music doesn't speak to everyone. There are people who are perfectly able to experience pleasure in other ways who simply don't get music in the way the rest of us do.

The researchers refer to this newly described condition as specific musical anhedonia—in other words, the specific inability to experience pleasure from music.

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Why a Tiny Canadian Island Should Be Your Next Vacation Destination

fogoislandsmlYou really have to work to get to Fogo Island Inn on Newfoundland’s remote Fogo Island. But the one-of-a-kind Canadian hideaway is worth the effort. After flying into St. John’s, Newfoundland’s capital and the easternmost city in North America, you have to drive more than five hours west to the Farewell ferry station to take a 45-minute ride to Fogo Island, an area that resisted modernization and is deeply proud of its cultural past.

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