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Rhythmic Skills Have Implications for Language Ability

rhythmtapRhythm memory, beat tapping may be separate skills

Tapping to a beat and remembering rhythms may not be related skills, which may also have implications for language ability, according to a study published September 16, 2015 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Adam Tierney and Nina Kraus from Northwestern University.

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Art Can Cure Creative Hunger At Any Age

creativityexplorecamilleArtist Camille Holvoet is talking about Coca-Cola. "All the caffeine in the Coke," she says, "it makes me break things. I want Coke to be improved, like put no caffeine and put in a lemon slice. And Dr. Pepper -- I wish they would put more tartness into those dark drinks." 

Holvoet, now 63 years old, is an artist at San Francisco-based studio Creativity Explored, a space for artists with developmental disabilities to cultivate and show their work. Those who've worked with Holvoet describe her as voracious, seductive, curious and a "particularly picky, perfect goddess" -- the latter being title of her last solo show.

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You Don't Have To Destroy A Book To Love It: A Plea To Readers

manreadingStop dog-earing and breaking the spines of your books and treat them like you'd like to be treated.

When I was in third grade, my teacher instituted a Mini Economy in our classroom, and I started a library, planning to exploit my enormous collection of Misty of Chincoteague and American Girl books. When the first due date arrived, I realized my mistake: One of my favorite books had been returned in shreds, a huge split down the middle of the spine dividing the first half of the pages from the second. It was held together by mere threads. 

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Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Vacation

takingyourvacationMany Americans resist taking time off, but that needs to change

Vacations are restorative. A periodic break from jobs and the stresses of everyday routines allows time for reflection, relaxation and a change of perspective. Vacations offer opportunities to strengthen bonds with family and friends and have been shown to enhance work productivity.

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How to Find an Old Friend

findingsomeonePractical guide for locating a pal from your past

Where do you begin to look for someone you haven't seen in 10, 20, maybe 50 years? Where do you start when all you have is a name and a face in a high school yearbook and no mutual friends?

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