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8 Top Spiritual Sites in America

spiritualretreatsusRefresh your soul at these sacred destinations

From Wild to Eat, Pray, Love, spiritual journeys have been on the pop culture radar. But people have been making treks to holy sites for millennia — in fact, these types of locations are probably the oldest form of tourism.

Spiritual journeys differ from ordinary vacations in that they’re meant to nourish the soul and help us reflect on what’s most important to us. Such trips seem to appeal most of all to the unencumbered young (think college students visiting ashrams in India) and to the stock-taking adult (post-divorce, after-the-chemo-ends or on a landmark decade birthday).

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Traveling Alone at Midlife

womantravelingaloneWhat you learn about yourself while on a solo trip

Several months ago I had to travel to Lucca, Italy for work. Seeing that my airfare was taken care of, I was getting paid for what I was doing and I didn’t have to be anywhere “in person” for the following week, I decided to spend several days after the conference in nearby Florence. Yes, I decided to take a vacation in a foreign country by myself.

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3 Ways to Slash Vacation Costs



Land or by sea, these ideas make long trips more affordable

Vacations of any length can be expensive, especially the long trips we want to take as our work and caregiving responsibilities taper off. Yet, retirees and those approaching retirement can’t risk exhausting their savings to indulge their wanderlust.

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Camp Isn’t Just for Kids: 5 for Grown-Ups

adultcampThese getaways let you build skills in a fun setting

Did you love summer camp as a child? The sing-alongs. The campfires. And how can you top the camaraderie of being with peers 24/7?

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10 Benefits for Entrepreneurs Who Make Time for Silence and Solitude



Technology has saturated our world, with more devices than ever, entrepreneurs are finding it impossible to get unplugged. They say Smartphone users check their device every 6.5 minutes, which works out to around 150 times a day. For all the benefits of constant connectivity, we’ve also created a monster, with an epidemic of addictions to phones, social media and Internet.

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