Darryl Davidson


Men’s Health Manager, City of Milwaukee

He takes many of his leads from his kids. They have a way of asking critical questions and demanding answers that make sense. His son, in particular, has helped him to understand better the need for there to be more intensive programs around men’s health.

Part of Darryl’s philosophy is, if we start educating males about their health when they are boys, we’ll naturally grow a healthier crop of men. Makes sense. And as the Manager of Men’s Health for the city of Milwaukee, he sees the devastation that poor education in health care and other disciplines can wreak on a community.

Everyday Darryl sets out to do more to enlighten and engage. Whether it is the citizen or the city worker whose charge is to present information to a needy public, Darryl is on the job serving.

But he has to take some time for a little recreation amid all the education. He plays ping pong. He swims and recommends others swim too. He knows that many young boys don’t know how to swim, so that would be a great way for fathers and sons to bond. Both could learn to swim.

He used to run, but doesn’t have much time for that these days. He has a daughter and a wife and they, along with his son keep the questions about health and wellness coming at him. He loves the challenge. He wishes for a day when all men are put on the hot seat by their families and that those men can lead the conversations in their homes about health and wellness.

Men, he says, need to know what to ask their doctors and they can’t be satisfied with the first answer they’re given.

It only takes a few moments in Darryl’s company to find out how passionate he is about men’s health. No, he doesn’t disregard the health of women and children, but you can tell that he anxiously awaits the day when everyone else sees men’s health the way he does.

See our Healthy Happenings page for details on his June 16 Men's Health Resource Event. Then plan to attend!