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Alzheimer's and Stress: A New Study Reaffirms the Link

But not all stress is tied to the disease. It's the everyday kind that wears you down. It has been known for years that stress contributes to heart disease, insomnia, digestive disorders ...

Is Everything We Know About Breakfast Wrong?

Eating breakfast is supposed to make you smarter, help you lose weight and cut down on heart attacks -- or so everyone says. Now new findings from two randomized controlled trials are poking holes in our common acceptance of the morning meal as a panacea. Most of the research on breakfast comes ...

How Your Cell Phone Might Be Hurting Your Sperm

Men may want to reconsider how closely they store their mobile phone to the family jewels. A meta-analysis of ten past studies, led by researchers at University of Exeter, U.K., found a small but consistent drop in sperm quality if the men (or their, uh, samples) had been exposed to mobile phone ...

African-Americans Respond Better to First-Line Diabetes Drug Than Whites

Study suggests metformin controls blood sugar more effectively in African-Americans African Americans taking the diabetes drug metformin saw greater improvements in their blood sugar control than ...

What Kind of Inheritance Do You Owe Your Kids?

There's no right answer, but you may need to make some plans “I don’t believe in inheriting money,” CNN host Anderson Cooper recently told Howard Stern on Stern's radio show. Added Cooper, a son of ...

How to Plan a Multifamily Vacation

Wish you had more time to spend with your best friend or your family members? Try a multifamily vacation! These group getaways are a growing trend -- the travel industry calls them “togethering.” ...

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