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Your Waistline and Heart Disease: What's the Link?

Lose weight. You hear this advice all the time. But did you know that where your body stores those extra pounds matters for your heart health, too? “A thicker waistline increases heart ...

Vitamin Quiz

How strong is your vitamin knowledge? True or False: Vitamin C can ward off a cold. The answer is False. When researchers reviewed more than a decade’s worth of findings, they found that megadoses of Vitamin C don’t prevent colds for most people. Some studies suggest that it might help you ...

The Health Benefits of Meditation

Meditation has long been used to induce calm and physical relaxation. But research on its potential uses for treating medical problems “is still in its very early stages,” and designing trials can be challenging, said Richard J. Davidson, a neuroscientist who founded the Center for Investigating ...

Study: DNA test can predict whether you are gay

UCLA scientists think they've developed the first test that can accurately predict whether a man is gay based on his DNA, and all it takes is a swab of saliva, reports New Scientist. The researchers ...

7 Habits Of Successful Under 30s

Embrace the unexpected Everyone has different methods and habits that to lead to their success, especially entrepreneurs.

Get On Your Flight Attendant's Good Side

These small tweaks are easy and particularly remarkable when you consider everything that flight attendants juggle on a daily basis -- from helping people board to dealing with jet lag.

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