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Blacks May Face Higher Risk of Diabetes-Linked Vision Loss

Diabetic macular edema seems to strike some types of patients more frequently Black Americans are at greater risk for diabetes-related vision loss than other racial groups battling the ...

Lay Off the Juice Cleanse Diet. You've Been Lied To.

A cup of fresh-squeezed fruits and veggies might seem like the ultimate healthy snack. With everyone from your next-door neighbor to A-list celebrities professing their love for $12 containers of the suspicious-looking stuff, there must be miracle in the bottle, right? Wrong. The juicing trend is ...

More Proof About Giving Housing to Homeless

More Proof That Giving Housing to Homeless is Cheap, Effective and Will Make Tenants Happy   A number of studies have already proved it. But another nonprofit has stepped in to further demonstrate that providing housing is the cheapest and most efficient way to keep at-risk individuals from ...

Are Health Insurance Premiums Skyrocketing in 2015?

Despite what you might have heard, the answer is 'No!' “O-care premiums to skyrocket,” said a headline in The Hill, a widely-read website on politics. That dire forecast was a dream come true for ...

When It’s Better to Rent, Not Own, a Home in Retirement

Retirees who crave flexibility sign leases instead of mortgage documents Many argue it’s best to own a home in retirement instead of renting one. But there are exceptions.

Scientific Proof that You Need a Vacation Right Now

It's a fact now that most American workers aren't taking any vacations. Last week we reported that about 40 percent of Americans don't plan on using all of their paid time off this year. And you're ...

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