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Letter from the Editor - Eric Von


October is Health Literacy Month. At Brain Brawn & Body, we see every month as health literacy month. It has to be. Your health and your knowledge of health have to be the most important matter in your life. Without good health, one’s overall quality of life suffers.


That’s why we go about publishing the articles we do each month. You need the information we provide and we appreciate that you seek our site to find out what you need to know to allow you and the people you love to live the healthiest lives possible.

This month we present articles on blood pressure and check to see if you know How Low Should Your Blood Pressure Be? Kids Are Eating More Fast Food Than You Think according to an article shared with through WebMD.

And with all the controversy surrounding the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, we cut through the confusion and provide the real scoop in, The Real Truth About the Affordable Care Act.

For those of you who may not think that you have real health issues, but know that there are some other areas of your life that could use a new prescription, there’s a little advice on taking it easy. Take a little time to read a good book. And we tell you how to preserve a good book so others can enjoy it for years to come. This word to the wise reader: You Don’t Have to Destroy a Book to Love It. We think you’ll find it interesting reading.

And finally, if your finances have you down, maybe it’s just a matter of context. Maybe it’s not as bad as you think. Our friends at Morgan Stanley step into the gap to provide some insight on your financial health.

So, it’s another fantastic month of reading to help you heal and stay healthy. Be sure to check out the vast variety of offerings on the October pages of Brain Brawn & Body.


Thank you. Read and be well!


Eric Von