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Letter from the Editor - Eric Von

The leaves change but one thing you can rest assured of is our every steady approach to enlightening you about health and wellness. That’s our thing and we’re getting pretty good at it, if we say so ourselves. (Smile)

We’re back with our October issue with great pieces on the greater risk of vision loss that Blacks face as a result of diabetes. It’s not to frighten you. No, it’s to prepare you to take the necessary steps to lessen the risk.

With so many people juicing these days one might conclude that the practice is the ultimate in proper dieting. But hold on one minute, there is evidence that juicing may not be all its cracked up to be. We publish an article that tells you to, “lay off the juice cleanse diet. You’ve been lied to.” A harsh reality for some, but possibly good advice.


Have ever wondered if you’d be better off renting rather than owning your home? If that’s been your thought, here’s a piece that may lend credence to your thought. When It’s Better to Rent answers your question: Should I rent or own? Read it and be clear.

Vacationing is a wonderful thing. There’s scientific proof that one needs a vacation to keep one’s equilibrium.

Your intuition was right on if you sensed the cost of health insurance premiums was on the rise. It’s being blamed on Obamacare, but that’s not the reason and we’ll tell you what the driving factors are.

So the pages of Brain Brawn & Body are loaded with good information to help you feel better, live healthier and even be even wiser about your finances. Lots of good stuff all for you.

Continue to let us know what you think of Brain Brawn & Body. We’d love to hear from you. Send us an email at eric.von@brainbrawnbody.com.

Read, learn and enjoy!

Eric Von



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