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Letter from the Editor - Eric Von


The work we do at Brain Brawn & Body is truly a labor of love. It’s hard to imagine that doing the work we do could be so difficult. We love what we do and we see a purpose in it. Providing information to people who say, in most cases, that they need and want said information is intense work.

Sometimes I’m miffed, to say the least, by those who decide that they don’t want to receive our signature email blasts, the Daily Dose. Unlike the name suggests, they are not a daily export. We publish the Daily Dose when situations warrant them; there’s breaking news related to health or there’s something we feel should be in the public’s hands before the next regularly scheduled edition of the website is posted.


We are committed to helping men of color and those who care about them receive information critical to their well-being. It is not our intent to bombard or inundate our subscribers with useless information. We don’t try to sell any products or promote any propaganda.

Brain Brawn & Body was initiated to provide information to an audience that, before the existence of the website, had few if any resources available that spoke directly to the health needs of that audience. We remain committed to that initial ideal.

Not intended to annoy our readers, we will continue our practice of presenting the Daily Dose to be true to our promise of keeping our readers informed. If when you receive your email blast from us, it is not the perfect time for you to read it, push it aside and read it when it’s more opportune. But please don’t dismiss it or even worse, elect to unsubscribe to the website. There’s too much valuable and critical information at your fingertips that can help you and the ones you love live healthier lives.

Thank you for your time.



We invite you to read, learn and enjoy!

Eric Von




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