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Letter from the Editor - Eric Von

“Hotter than July!” That’s what August is at Brain Brawn & Body. There’s no time for cooling down or slowing down as we get busy publishing articles that heighten your awareness about health, nutrition, finances, and everyday life occurrences, a platform we call LifeTrends.

You’ve been exercising furiously all Spring and Summer, but just How Fit Are You?
It’s a question we ask in all sincerity as we watch many of you work out and work off unwanted fat. Is your routine really helping you to get to the bottom of the problem? Find the answer on the Health page.

Juicing…everyone, it seems, is doing it. But is it really good for you? And, is there a “correct way” to juice?
In our article, The Fiftysomething Diet: Should You Be Juicing? a noted dietician provides the pros and cons and offers her view of the practice along with some helpful advice on how to do it if you decide that juicing is for you. Nutrition

So you want to reinvent yourself? Find out how to build a new you in 3 Secrets of Successful Midlife Reinvention. Uncover this treasure in our LifeTrends section.

And while you’re reinventing yourself, Declare Your Financial Independence, we’ll tell you how on our Finance pages.

Summer was slow to peek through the clouds across many parts of the country. But it has come on with a bang and we’re happy for it. You still have time to see this great country and visit places you’ve always wanted to see. But first read 8 Iconic Things You Can Only Do in America. Go ahead, take the plunge.

And let us know what you think of the August edition of Brain Brawn & Body. We’d love to hear from you. Send us an email at eric.von@brainbrawnbody.com.

Read, learn and enjoy!


Eric Von



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