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Letter from the Editor - Eric Von


Since we launched Brain Brawn & Body, I’ve been asked, “What motivated you to do this?” I answer by telling the story of how the website came to be: I was reading the woman’s magazine, Essence, and came across a story entitled, "7 Things You Should Ask Your Doctor". It was an interesting piece that provided women, who might not have been accustomed to visiting a doctor, the tools they would need to establish a solid relationship with a physician.

My interest in the story was piqued, I think, because at the time I was looking for answers to my own medical issues. I wasn’t finding much in the way of information about my illness and what I did find I didn’t feel was really speaking to me, as a Black man.


Those seven questions, while specifically designed for issues affecting women, I thought, what are the questions men should be asking their doctor?

The first edition of Brain Brawn & Body was launched asking and answering just that and we have been doing the same with every edition of the publication. I meet people all the time who tell me how grateful they are that the website speaks to them about things that help them live healthier. It informs them and has become a great tool for them to help others.

That’s one of our goals – to become a valuable resource for people to refer to when they have questions about health and wellness.

This month’s edition continues in that vein with articles penned by our contributors that address some of the most common ailments we suffer from but are challenged to find information about. From sleep disorders and how to correct them, to dealing with bug bites from pests that are all about us this summer, we cover the gamut. An article about Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act can be found on our pages this edition, as well as some insight on keeping a family member who suffers from dementia safe.

Can a high-fat diet affect your brain? Find out how on the nutrition page. And on our financial page, we introduce a new contributor, Morgan Stanley presented by the Mueller Group. In their first installment, they help you choose the right financial planner. Critical stuff as you grow your family or get closer to retirement age.

And if you’re not thinking about retirement, but instead, still on the employment treadmill, you’ll find the article about being overqualified at 55 quite interesting. How to get around those objections based on age is all in there.

So, as always with Brain Brawn & Body, we try to meet our mission through insightful, relevant articles that get right to the subjects that are important to you and your family. Please indulge yourself for better health for you and your entire family. 


We invite you to read, learn and enjoy!

Eric Von




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