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Letter from the Editor - Eric Von

 As we reach these crossroads, the end of Summer and the evidence of a new Fall season’s arrival, I look back at a productive and rewarding period for Brain Brawn & Body.

The lives we’ve touched, the indelible imprint we’ve made, along with our partners, makes us proud.

Yet, we know we have so much more work to do. While we’ve done a lot to raise awareness, health disparities still exist. Despite my usual disdain for task forces as a means of resolving issues, I am optimistic that as a member of the Health and Poverty Task force recently implemented by Social Development Commission President/CEO George Hinton, this group of “doers” will affect considerable change in the processes that have hindered equity in healthcare delivery in this community. That’s really important work.

And we will continue to do what we do best at Brain Brawn & Body – deliver you the information that you need to help you live the healthiest life possible. All we ask is that you tell a family member of a friend about the website and give them the gift of a healthy life.

Getting the information is easy…all we ask you to do is to encourage others to take advantage of our free subscription.

This month you will find articles on high blood pressure and its affects on African Americans in an extensive piece on the subject. High blood pressure can impact your sex life…it doesn’t have to. We examine erectile dysfunction and ways to live fully despite its presence.

There is evidence that eating a vegetarian diet could help to lower your blood pressure. Is there something on the menu for you? Find out what’s good to you and for you.

You may already know of the benefits of aloe vera, but you won’t believe all you can do with this wonderful plant. We reveal the many uses for aloe vera.

If a heavy exercise regimen is out of the question for you, then simply walking can make a huge difference in your health. And just getting out and getting some fresh air can make you feel better physically and psychologically. Read all about it in, Getting Fresh Air is Good.

For that last minute check for all the things you need to get your child ready for this school year, we’ve got you covered. This isn’t your typical rundown of items for his or her backpack, these are real-life tools that can do wonders for your child’s psyche as they enter the schoolhouse. Check out, 10 Ways to Prepare Your Child for School.

If you are a sports fan, then you’ve probably heard all about the amazing kids from Chicago who made it all the way to the finals of the Little League World Series. Hats off to the Jackie Robinson West team that proudly represented the United States.

But they weren’t the only Chicago teens making news this summer. Kevin Stonewall has been busy working in a lab helping to find a cure for cancer. Read his amazing story on our News Across the Nation page.

There is so much good stuff on the pages of Brain Brawn & Body this month and every month. It’s all designed to make you feel better physically and psychologically. We hope you’ll take a dose a day and share the joy with others you know!

Continue to let us know what you think of Brain Brawn & Body. We’d love to hear from you. Send us an email at eric.von@brainbrawnbody.com.

Read, learn and enjoy!

Eric Von



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