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Letter from the Editor - Eric Von

Wow! Time is zipping by. We are already four months into the new year and somewhere Spring is in the air – we have to believe.

From coast to coast, people are complaining about the weather we’ve suffered through this year. Extreme cold, lots of snow in some parts and inordinate amounts of various types of precipitation in others. (I promise, I won’t turn this into a debate of global warming.)

But let’s celebrate that we are finally coming to the end of what has been, for the most part, a miserable winter.

At Brain Brawn & Body we’ve toughed it out, plugging away at presenting articles of good health to our readers. We hope that they have served as more than a distraction from the inclement weather, but a tool that enlightens you about all things health and wellness.


April’s edition is chock full of more good stuff to help you live a healthier life – our goal for you.

We begin on our Health page with Recommendations for Preventing and Detecting Skin Cancer in People of Color. Given the change of seasons and the sequestered winter many of us are emerging from, this article is timely as you begin to make your way out to enjoy Spring, Summer and all the joys therein. We want you to be ready!

Speaking of cancer, we have provided you with an article, accompanied by charts that illustrate the level at which African Americans are affected by various cancers relative to other racial and ethnic groups. Check out Fast Facts for this extensive report.

We want you to eat better and we help you with 13 Easy Ways to Eat More Greens. No doubt about it, if you eat more greens you will feel better. I recently heard a man say, for years he didn’t eat any greens or most other vegetables, for that matter. He confessed that since he began eating goodies from God’s good earth he feels much better and even possesses a brighter outlook on life.

Now, I won’t promise you a brighter outlook, but if that’s one of the benefits of eating greens and other veggies, then why not give them a try?

We are inclined to assign ADHD diagnoses to young children, and in fact, the disorder is more common in children than in adults. But be not mistaken, adults can and do suffer from ADHD and the disease may be affecting relationships at home, work and elsewhere. Find out more in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: ADHD in Adults (Health)

As a child, I learned to play the piano. I played in bands as a teenager and then my attention shifted to other activities. But I still love music and I believe I always will. That’s why I found an article we’re sharing with you this month so fascinating.

I find it almost impossible to believe that Some People Really Just Don't Like Music. Granted, there are genres of music that may not be pleasing to one’s ears, but to think that people don’t like music is difficult for me to conceive.

And with all the talk about the Affordable Care Act and its implementation, there are still some people who are unsure of their situation. We endeavor to help them by presenting 5 Ways to Save on Medical Costs (Finances).

Health exchanges and the elements that make up the ACA can be confusing to lay people, this article will help you better understand what your options are when trying to find the right solutions for you and your family.

Finally, we introduce you to two more of our New Faces. Akil Huntley-Cooper lifts weights, eats well and shares his wisdom with young guys who need to know how to live healthy. That makes him a fantastic role model and a great find for our New Faces feature.

Troy Sparks is a sports writer whose articles are published in several Milwaukee area papers. But Troy doesn’t just sit behind a desk, he’s a runner and a walker…he delivers the mail for the US Postal Service. His friends call him “Clark Kent”.

We’re glad to have this superman on board as one of our New Faces. Read all about Akil and Troy in this edition of Brain Brawn & Body.

Read, learn and enjoy!


Eric Von



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